Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Perfect Bridesmaid Shoe

Wedding shoes are always a challenge. It's your wedding day and that makes every decision a big one. What will my colors be? What will my dress look like? What will my bridal party wear? And what shoes will they wear??!! Ugh, wedding shoes! What is it with wedding shoes? There is something about wedding shoes that are so old fashioned and so out-dated. Dyeables, satin, embellishments. Why can't wedding shoes simply be great shoes. Something you and your bridesmaids really CAN wear again? And not because you feel like you should since you just dropped a pretty penny on them but because you want to!

That's why I am so proud to tell you about one of the smartest brides
ever - Carrie! She did the ultimate UN-bridezilla thing and outfitted her bridal party with Söfft Shoes! What a considerate bride! Her bridesmaids looked absolutely adorable in their pink tea-length dresses and yellow Galen sandals from Söffts Spring 2008 Collection. They looked fabulous and felt fantastic all through the night....even after hours of ripping up the dance floor.

Thanks Carrie!

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