Monday, September 15, 2008

Bristol Palin Wearing the Gabby in People Magazine

Okay, so I wasn't sure if this was something I should blog about or not. Afterall, politics are one of the biggest conversational "no-no's", right?

Then I decided, I'll post it but I'm not making any comments about it. I'm just sticking to the facts. Sarah Palin is the Republican V.P. Candidate. People Magazine ran a story about the Palin family -- and her 17 year old daughter (yes, the pregnant one) was wearing one of Söffts hottest fall styles - the Gabby.

My only point here is that (a) women of all ages love Söfft, (b) Söfft is comfortable - even 6 months pregnant comfortable (c) Bristol has a great sense of style ;)

I will say one thing. If Michele Obama were to wear Söfft, I would blog about that too.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

UPDATE: Tim Gunn's Guide to Style Premier Date

As we mentioned in an earlier Blog entry...Söfft will be making a special appearance on the second season of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style on BravoTV. We are thrilled to be a part of this show and hope you will tune-in.

Söfft will appear on the 2nd episode of the season, scheduled for October 9th, 2008 @ 11/10C. Don't miss it!

The Premier of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style is scheduled for
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 2008 @ 11/10C

Samantha Harris Loves The Söfft Skyla!

We adore Samantha Harris on TV wherever she may pop-up. From co-hosting Dancing With The Stars or as a correspondent on E! News, Samantha Harris always looks polished, poised and glamorous. That is why we are thrilled to see Samantha wearing our shoes! She recently wore the Skyla, a t-strap pump from the Fall 2008 Collection, both on the red carpet and for work. On March 7th, Samantha looked red-hot in a strapless red dress paired with the Skyla. The very next day, Samantha sported the same pair of shoes with a casual gray colored frock during a taping of E! News. Thanks Samantha! We look forward to watching her try even more styles from Söfft.