Monday, December 10, 2007

Survey Says...Peep Toe Pumps Are The Must Have Winter Trend!

A poll was recently taken right here on GOING SÖFFT about favorite winter trends. 54% of you said peep toe pumps were your favorite, in second place with 27% of votes was patent leathers.

It seems that no one is wearing thigh high boots and very few of you are into the nude pump look or the ankle bootie craze. I'm willing to bet that by next winter, ankle booties will be much more accepted by us all....and keep an eye out for Söfft ankle booties. There will be a few in the Fall 2008 line that just might get you to change your tune.

As for the overwhelming current favorite, peep toe pumps. Check out the Gayle from Söfft.

Celebrating The Holidays In Style
With Santa's Sushi & Shots Party

HHBrown Shoe Company isn't just known for its many brands of footwear...HHBrown is also known for their ultra fun and laid back parties held about 4 times a year during both FFANY week and the WSA Shoe Shows.

This past FFANY Party was no exception. With a theme like "Santa's Shots & Sushi" you know that "fun" is a given.
Shots were abundant as a continuous flow of servers passed by to encourage you take one...or two. And how can you say no to the colorful (and glowing) shot glasses adorned with HHB logos? For those who are best to veer from shots, there is always a full bar of almost anything too. Of course, there was more to offer than just booze. Freshly made sushi, filet mignon, crab cakes and other yummy apps of all kinds were circling the party too - which is a good thing because after one or two shots - I almost forgot I was hungry!

Thanks to all who attended the party! I'll be sure to let you know when and where the next one is.

Be safe and have fun this holiday season.