Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sofft Gets Rave Reviews on Running With Heels

Söfft recently joined forces with shoe blog Running With Heels to give away 4 Söfft Fall Shoes. RWH wrote a great feature on some of our hottest styles for Fall. Readers were given the chance to win one of 4 pairs of Söfft Shoes by posting a comment to the Söfft Feature Story and I must admit I was completely wowed by not only the amount of comments that were left, but the very kind words and even a few poems written about Söfft!

Without a doubt, Söfft wearers are dedicated to the brand and we couldn't be prouder to see with our own eyes how Söfft has truly helped women. Comfort is key when purchasing shoes – but so is fashion. It seems that the Söfft brand really has bridged a long ignored gap in the footwear industry and for that, women are so thankful. We as a brand and company are thankful we have the type of customers we have. We love our customers and love hearing their stories. Thank you to all 651 participants for your comments!

Thank you to Running With Heels for partnering with us for this fun promotion. And congratulations to the 4 lucky winners! The winners have been posted online at Running With Heels.

The contest is over, but you can still read the Söfft Feature Story and the amazing comments here.

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Anabelle said...

Nice post..! I like high heel shoes with pretty toes.