Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Söfft Gets Some Seriously Fun Property

When Zappos told us about a limited edition Monopoly Game that they were creating, we were intrigued. Monopoly is of course one of the classic board games of our time and Zappos was doing this in the name of Charity. Proceeds from the game would be donated to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. Söfft is proud and excited to have our own piece of property on the board!

The following has been taken from the Zappos Company Blog. I thought it would be fun to read about how it all happened:

Oh, what an exciting and proud day it is here at the Zappos Headquarters! The game we've been talking about for quite a while is finally here – Zappos Monopoly!

The Zappos Monopoly game board, designed by our amazingly talented Creative Services Team, is a limited edition piece and all the proceeds go towards the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. Some of the fun Zappos touches that were added to this ever-so-popular family game are:

* Custom Zappos.com collectors edition money
* Custom Title Deeds Cards that feature the biggest and best footwear companies
* Culture and WOW cards to replace the classic Community Chest and Chance Cards
* Traditional houses and hotels are renamed to Wish Lists and Shopping Carts (aren't we clever)
* And 6 collectible pewter tokens – Clarks Wallabee, Babydoll Pliner, Lacoste Crocodile, Converse All Star, DC Shoe Snowboard, and a Reebok Freestyle Hi

Now how many companies get to say that they have a collectors edition Monopoly game board? The answer is VERY FEW! So be proud Zapponians! And a big hooray to our Creative Service Team and Hasbro for making this come to life.

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