Friday, June 26, 2009

Trend Report: Nolla

We've had a lot of rain here in the Northeast over the past few weeks. I mean, a lot. When you wake up in the morning to a steady drizzle on the 7th consecutive day, your spirits inevitably dive into a free fall and you find yourself contemplating how much you would be willing to give up to move to Bali. It gets bad when you start to forget what a blue sky looks like. But just yesterday, we were all reminded of the season we're supposed to be experiencing right now, when the clouds broke for the first time and I couldn't believe it, a ray of sunshine actually shot down from the sky. I was so shocked that I was temporarily blinded in my car and when I reached for my sunglasses realized I'd left them at home because I getting used to driving at noon with my headlights on. Well, not anymore! And just in time, too, because I've put together some outfits that absolutely epitomize summer. The Nolla wedge is truly a closet staple, something that's simple and comfortable but with a certain flair that allows you to dress it up or keep it casual. And I picked the hottest color, a patent leather red, to show you that even a bold shoe can look great with many different looks! Now that we've bid farewell to the stormy weather, you can be sure I'll be wearing my summer wedges in celebration all weekend long.

Trend: Blue HueRed pops against cool blue for a fresh, nautical look.
Dress, Mink Pink; Hat, Puma; Bracelet, Aldo; Bag, L.L.Bean; Earrings, Juicy Couture

Trend: Spring Floral
A romantic daytime summer look.
Dress, Teeze Me; Sunglasses, Jessica Simpson; Clutch, Kate Spade; Earrings, Forever 21

Trend: Safari Chic
Sophistication for the office in the summer heat.
Dress, Burberry; Bag, Elaine Turner;Sunglasses & Earrings, Banana Republic; Bracelet, Kate Spade

Trend: Soft Shorts
Stay stylish in city shorts for summertime day trips.
Shorts, Narciso Rodriguez; Top, French Connection; Bag, Juicy Couture; Sunglasses, Burberry; Watch, Michele; Earrings, Charles Garnier

Trend: Shimmering Metallics

A metallic bag plays off the glossy patent sandal so you can paint the town...well, you know!
Top, T Bags; Cropped pants, D&G; Bag, A|X Armani Exchange; Earrings, Martin + Osa

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