Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sofft Spring/Summer Collection: Most Blogged About Shoes

At the beginning of each day, one of my favorite things to do is catch-up on the Google Alerts. Ever since I signed up to get alerts on 'Sofft', I've been absolutely amazed at the amount of news and stories circulating about Söfft. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise though. Sofft is one of those brands that, once discovered, becomes a go-to brand for women. A brand the women embrace and share with friends because (finally) there is a shoe that delivers on the 2 most important features of a good shoe: STYLE and COMFORT. It seems like such an easy concept but it's still so hard to find companies that are actually doing both.

That's why we like to highlight some of our favorite blogs and their picks of the season. We applaud you for your wise choices and thank you for spreading the good word about Sofft!

Here's what bloggers are blogging about most. Tell us what you think! What Söfft Spring/Summer shoe would you blog about?

Söfft Carlina (as featured on My Wardrobe Today)
With a refreshing teardrop accent, this sophisticated T-strap exudes modern elegance.

Söfft Fane (as featured on Barking Dog Shoes Blog)
Bold straps and an oversized chrome buckle make this ravishing patent leather T-strap a must have.

Söfft Fiji (featured on Splendicity)
Luxurious chrome embellishments dress up this festive thong sandal.

These particular styles got coverage on multiple sites and we can see why! The Carlina, Fane and Fiji exude the best characteristics of Söfft - they are feminine, sexy and stylish. Oh yeah, comfortable too. Thanks fellow bloggers! We appreciate the support.

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