Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tim Gunn Season Premier Featuring Söfft Shoes!

"Make it work" is not only Tim Gunn's mantra from BRAVO's Project Runway but it's also the words he lives by when helping people realize there own potential on his hit show, Tim Gunns' Guide to Style. This August, the Guide to Style comes back for a second season and Söfft is proud to be a part of the premier episode.

In the premier episode, Tim's female subject has always experienced problems finding shoes that not only fit her 7.5 wide foot but that also look fashionable. As Tim always does at the start of each show, Tim gives a wonderful gift to get the excitement going for the journey ahead. In this episode, Tim gives the gift of shoes...shoes that fit and look beautiful and are on-trend....Tim gives her Söfft shoes! Tim proves once again that he knows how to "make it work"!

Check back for the air date and video! The show will air in October of 2008.

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