Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Söfft Goes to Mexico

Since it is July of 2008 it's hard to imagine planning for Spring 2009 but that's exactly what we're doing in the offices of Söfft Shoe Co. Our product team is busily designing and perfecting samples in our factories for the upcoming WSA Shoe Show in Vegas and our Marketing Department is creating the image that you will soon see in magazines and on our website this time next year.

So what does that mean? Road trip! Well......sort of. Next week, we will be heading to beautiful Cabo, Mexico for our Spring 2009 photo shoot where - with the collaboration of our very talented crew of stylist, make-up artists and photographer and models - the Söfft vision will come to life!

Cabo was the destination of a previous Spring photo shoot and it was certainly one of our favorite places we've been. With it's historic towns, colonial architecture, and culturally rich ambiance, Cabo embodies an understated beauty and allure....just like Söfft.

Here's a couple of pictures from Spring 2006 - the last time we were there. Check back in a couple of weeks for new pictures and let us know what you think!

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