Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spring Sneak Peak

Happy New Year! I don't know about you, but 2008 was a fast year around here. But that's not a bad thing...I am welcoming 2009 with open arms and an open mind! Despite the economy and all the other less than positive news we hear these days, there are a good number of exciting and hopeful events on the horizon. For one, a new President and a new sense of patriot strength. Sure Obama is about to enter perhaps one of the most challenging terms in history but for some reason I believe he is capable of doing big things.

Another great thing about it being January 2009? Spring is closer than it was before! Ah yes, longer days, sunshine on your skin and SANDALS! Cute, sexy, adorable shoes to show off your perfectly pedicured toes! I know it's hard to imagine, especially if you're in the Northeast like we are (will the snow and ice ever stop??!!). But that doesn't stop retailers from pushing the winter stock OUT to make room for new Spring product.

We thought you'd enjoy a little break in the wintery weather and snow boots...check out some of Söffts Spring 2009 line. As always, Söfft delivers on-trend styles with all the comfort you desire. From sophisticated gladiator sandals (check out the Solis), glistening hardware details (like the Adara II and Fiji) to sexy pumps (Fane, Gallis and Caden).

(from top to bottom, left to right)
Söfft Solis, Söfft Adara II, Söfft Fiji, Söfft Fane, Söfft Gallis, Söfft Caden)

The entire Spring 2009 Collection will be online at by mid-February....and we will continue to "tease" you with added styles before hand - so check back!

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kate said...

I love my Shoes from Sofft, they are the only brand of dress shoes that I will ware all day. This the style I just bought is
Sofft Caitlyn - Black